Roughly about a year ago SFX magazine called for a Joss Whedon Genderbending Art Challenge (the original link is here). I clearly remember the “YAYAAARRRGHNO”-moment since I found out about the contest only a few days before the deadline had to be met.

The task

Take any actor from any Joss Whedon TV series/movie and switch him/her with any actor from any other Joss Whedon TV series/movie you would like to BUT – female actors must be exchanged for male ones and vice versa. So it won’t  be Summer Glau as the new Buffy but maybe Nathan Fillion instead.

A quest of fun

Frantically scribbling away on the train home was the fun part – just photoshopping the head of character A onto the body of character B was out of question and also didn’t fit the ideas I had.

A quest of pain

Then came the hard part. Fran Kranz usually looks like Fran Kranz, but somehow didn’t in my drawings. He had to keep his Topher-clothes on to be recognizable at all. Nicholas Brendon was even worse.

I have sinned with both men’s noses. May the Gods forgive me.

Quest completed, dragon dead

Now there is one comic strip with one cheerful Joss Whedon TV series character in the clothes of another cheerful one, plus 2 chars who are definitely my favourite Whedonesque couple and – Jayne. I like Jayne. Especially with the hat on. But as much fun and muscles Adam Baldwin brings to the part of Mr Cobb, for gender bending and punchline reasons it had to be … someone else:

And – as a bonus – this is followed by a single picture that combines 3 well known Joss Whedon TV series in one go (if only with one true gender bending case in it):

Food problems

He should have chosen someone without a hat on ...

The entries were sent to the desired e-mail address shortly before the deadline had to be met and – in the hurry – without any explanation at all concerning what was to see in the pictures. Just the subject headline and a short friendly note. Now THAT’S what you call optimistic. And tired.

After there were already “FUN POSSIBLE REASONS FOR THE NO-SHOW OF THIS COMPETITION” comments to be found on the SFX website, the contest results were released in March 2011. Crivens, my entries didn’t make it, but since I stumbled across the pictures while cleaning up my harddrive, I thought I just publish them here.



Time: a few hours ago
Place: here


It’s holy evening, family all in the church except for atheistic husband and wife who decorate the huge tree wife murdered last weekend.

Presents have been bought, drawn, printed, blow-dried and wrapped. Sticky price tags have been fought with …


X-mas  spirit has now won against the few downsides of pre-X-mas period like

–       post offices turning into battle arenas
–       waiting in a long queue with a guy behind me who suffers
a)     from a heavy cold
b)     from Tourette syndrome and does
c)      murmuring in his best dark psycho voice threats like:”If they don’t hurry up soon, I will …”

Maybe he was a very good actor with a brilliant idea how to get faster to the cash desk by scaring the people in front of him away – but I was so lucky to have been able to buy my stuff and leaving dry without being beaten or killed.


Everyone to his taste, I know. Unfortunately there are still people out there who seem to try to trigger epileptic seizures with their X-mas illumination …


Have relaxing, joyful and tasty holidays you all – with all the good and without the bad! Or the ugly.


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Sigh. It’s over. All the monsters, bats and spiderwebs are gone … Most of the dragons, too. Halloween is always such fun! For example when you go shop for a white skirt with your husband for his “Princess Leia” costume (much to the shop owner’s delight who was an incredibly helpful man).

Or those moments when strange creatures are climbing your stairs, but you just don’t know which one of your friends it is … and if it’s one of your friends anyway and not some dark monk, lost mummy, vicious devil, hungry ork, thirsty dwarf, happy undead or a member of the seemingly very popular covens around here.*

* OK, Jayne Cobb with Vera can keep them at bay, even though he is only black and white.


Wife's face and husband's pumpkin. But ... whose tentacle is THIS???


Supplementary – Star Date 2011/11/09

Having a break from all the dad and Jedi business, young Anakin S. is enjoying a beer without wearing his mask and seems to have had time to go see a hairdresser.

“The mask and the diving regulator are only for the intimidating effect on people, actually. But it’s annoying, especially at mealtime and when you have a cold – pretty disgusting, let me tell you! Yet what can you do? Palpatine AND Lucas insisted on this stuff! I mean, I told them both that my name isn’t Darth Scuba or Darth Cousteau, but they kept going on ’bout the “cool breathing sounds” and stuff. I showed them, though by dying my hair! Time for change – been hearing this so often, lately …”

Anakin S.

Pretty in pink: Anakin S. is having a good time

On Beyond the Wall at Miltos Yerolemou talks among other things about hard work, instincts and flamboyance as well as future, current and past projects.

We learn about the impact of theatre play One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on the audience, why he probably will be seen only in a director’s cut version of The Inbetweeners Movie, the voice acting he did some years ago for a Lord of the Rings Playstation video game (you will NEVER guess which character he lent his voice to!) and that he RSCed again this year. (>>RSC: Royal Shakespear Company)

Also mentioned: dabbling, drama inheritance, a distant connection to Charlie Chaplin, Miltos’ experience with the Greek Mafia, circus, his attitude towards whacking people, how he was drawn to performance art and how his parents reacted when their son told them that he did want to become an actor instead of a … No – I won’t tell!

A huge part of the interview was dedicated to Game of Thrones topics, of course. Just to give a few examples: the fact that Miltos didn’t came unarmed to the audition for the part of Syrio Forel, how meeting Sean Bean felt like or how difficult it can be to find a stuntman’s thigh under lots of armor and cloak’s cloth, what character in GoT he’d like to play – and which scene – if he had the choice.

Unevitable the “Is he REALLY dead?” question, though lovely accompanied with a possible Yoda/Obi-Wan approach for future seasons. Oh, and are there ANY GoT actors who have read George R. R. Martin’s books?? ;o)

Heartfelt thanks go to the Beyond the Wall team and Miltos for making the dreadful task of ironing easier for me…
(>> Interview duration: roughly 1 hour, Mr Yerolemou joins the show after approximately 5 minutes.)


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: 14 OCT – 5 NOV 2011, Curve Theatre, Leicester, UK

Interviews with the play’s cast part 1:


Interviews with the play’s cast part 2 (with Miltos):

Go see it or – if you don’t have the time/live too far away – just visit the next library/bookstore and lend/buy the novel of Ken Kesey.

Or watch the movie with Jack Nicholson.

At least watch The Simpsons episode:

A big battle for the true source of magic takes place. Germany in 2011: a small irritation about character names occurs.

Reporter Jonathan? Okay. Watcher (!) Giles McKellen could still be a tongue in the cheek reference to Buffy. But Giles having a granddaughter called Kendra? At least their mage friends are named Holmes and Randolph instead of Ethan Rayne and Willow …

The dark night of October 8th

Few days ago it was T-shirt time – now we equip ourselves with thick pullovers, socks, scarfs AND gloves to stop by an abandoned building. Fight the powers of an awfully comfy couch and a warm blanket to check out the (already 2nd!!!!!) culture spot less than a 5 minutes walk away from our place.

So, what do you do if you want to stage a party in a building (which hasn’t been used for almost a year now): try to fulfill every condition requested by the administration in time?


Organize catering, decoration, art, DJs, life music acts – with all the necessary equipment (yes, yes, yes, yes and yes) – only (according to KKtF e.V.) to receive a NO from the building owner/administration 1 day before the event is to take place?? (Wow. Thanks a lot to Sprinkenhof AG here, then.)

What you do is: transfer everybody and everything to the outside, into the lovely backyard of the very building you wanted the party to be in the first place! Which is why we danced already for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, only this time we weren’t dancing WITH (@TitanCon) but UNDER the stars …

Imagine a dark, cold and starry night,  imagine a place made homely with individually designed fire barrels, benches and a comfy looking couch in the middle of it, imagine a terrace to the right, illuminated by a blue chain of lights and a small catering tent to the left and then … imagine everything roofed by an incredibly large sycamore tree rising high above you, prettyfied by colourful lights from the ground and sculptures, dangling everywhere from tree branches and the surrounding walls.

Yes, I wish we had brought the mobile photo phone! But we left it at home. Again.

The evening’s highlight is the life gig of Still in Search: They really rock! Who wants to check out what these 2 guys and 1 girl are up to can listen here:

It’s a German website, but you can’t overlook the play button … 🙂 Personally recommended songs: “Tela” and “Diving”.

I know we are, we are the lucky ones … (Lyrics “Lucky” by Bif Naked)

When we booked TitanCon, we wanted to join the coach tour and visit film locations together with Miltos Yerolemou and Kristian Nairn. Never give up hope: got from No. 5+6 on the coach tour waiting list to be bus passengers this very day!

This is MUCH better than ordinary ring card girls, isn't it? ;-)

This is MUCH better than ordinary ring card girls, isn't it? 😉

First coach stop: Tollymore Forest – what a beautiful place. I can understand why they did shoot several of the Game of Thrones scenes here.

This is the view the wolf pups had ...

This is the view the wolf pups had ...

Our group passed some families on the way, one little boy, staring at us in amazement, said to his father:”Ohh, look – millions of people!”

We visited all the locations where something/someone took their last breath:” Here died the stag”, “… and here is the place where the dead dire wolf …” Phil also showed us where the Other finished the poor ranger in the woods (first episode) – even staged the scene together with Kristian Nairn.

Great walk, just ONE downside: we got rained upon a bit. Poor Kristian – he trusted the weather forecast …

The Others aren't so different from us! They even wear jeans.

The Others aren't so different from us! They even wear jeans.



Yay warm and dry bus! Next stop: Inch Abbey (King of the North!) and according to Phil also the place where Catelyn Stark slapped Jaime Lannister … hard. Err – where are all the roofs??


This time our group passed some cows on the way, staring at us in amazement … 😉 As a bonus, the rain finally stops and there are some ripe blackberries to be found.

Some serious fighting and feasting

And on to our last stop: Castle Ward, the courtyard of Winterfell. We were greeted by several fearless warriors from the Clann Ulaidh who were banging their swords on their shields. Life is good. Surprise: Art was there as well, together with his parents and brothers. After our fearless greeting delegation warriors have shown us their fighting skills, some of the extras and the actors talk about where what was filmed. Since the shooting of the first Game of Thrones series things have changed in Castle Ward, like there is a lot less straw lying around. 🙂

There is time to walk around and have a look. Kristian is sitting around in his T-Shirt, at least the tip with the hot air hand dryer in the toilet does help a bit … Later at the feast he is almost dry.  A lovely idea is the medieval archery workshop: 3 shots for everybody who is interested. Art is a darn good bowman – he must have this from his Mom and Dad. My Husband does well, too! I shoot the lawn at the first try – it just looked suspicious. I swear.

But now: Ladies and Gentlemen, THE FEAST! There was song and laughter, wine and roasted pork, chicken, several kinds of salad and bread. The 2 girls who filled the plates with food were wearing blue gloves, what of course immediately resulted in Firefly quotes:”Two by two, their hands are blue …”

Did I mention what an awfully nice family Art has? I do now. We were offered seats, fresh cups and wine and chatted with Art’s Mom while Art was supplying everybody with “Enslaved by Peadar Ó Guilín” printed on it. By the way: Peadar certainly is the funniest and friendliest enslaver I’ve met so far …

Time to say …

Back to Belfast where we disbanded: some went home or to their hotel and the hard core went to  the next pub. What a weekend! Could do this again. It is always fun to meet nice people. Big thanks for the impressive organizing and the entertaining hosting. Greetings to NI, Ireland, Sweden, England and Cologne!

P.S. Hope that nobody of the coach passengers did get a cold – Kristian? Are you hale and hearty? 🙂

Pictures? What about more pictures?

Here are a few more photos we took as long as our camera did let us:

Our fearless welcoming committee, the Clann Ulaidh!

Our fearless welcoming committee, the Clann Ulaidh!

Actors, Re-Enactors and Phil at the court where the Lannister coach arrived ...

Actors, Re-Enactors and Phil at the court where the Lannister coach arrived ...

Ladies and Gentlemen: Miltos Yerolemou!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Miltos Yerolemou!

Just outside Castle Ward: Find all 5 Parkinson family members, if you can!

Just outside Castle Ward: Find all 5 Parkinson family members, if you can!

Three-fifths of the Parkinson family.

Three-fifths of the Parkinson family.

Yes, it is still cold - especially in a T-shirt. Note the wet trouser legs ...

Yes, it is still cold - especially in a T-shirt. Note the wet trouser legs ...

Swinging swords around is a really good way to get warm again!

Swinging swords around is a really good way to get warm again!

There already are some really nice pictures taken by some really nice people out there:

And there also seems to be some video material from the 2nd  Game of Thrones panel: