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Sigh. It’s over. All the monsters, bats and spiderwebs are gone … Most of the dragons, too. Halloween is always such fun! For example when you go shop for a white skirt with your husband for his “Princess Leia” costume (much to the shop owner’s delight who was an incredibly helpful man).

Or those moments when strange creatures are climbing your stairs, but you just don’t know which one of your friends it is … and if it’s one of your friends anyway and not some dark monk, lost mummy, vicious devil, hungry ork, thirsty dwarf, happy undead or a member of the seemingly very popular covens around here.*

* OK, Jayne Cobb with Vera can keep them at bay, even though he is only black and white.


Wife's face and husband's pumpkin. But ... whose tentacle is THIS???


Supplementary – Star Date 2011/11/09

Having a break from all the dad and Jedi business, young Anakin S. is enjoying a beer without wearing his mask and seems to have had time to go see a hairdresser.

“The mask and the diving regulator are only for the intimidating effect on people, actually. But it’s annoying, especially at mealtime and when you have a cold – pretty disgusting, let me tell you! Yet what can you do? Palpatine AND Lucas insisted on this stuff! I mean, I told them both that my name isn’t Darth Scuba or Darth Cousteau, but they kept going on ’bout the “cool breathing sounds” and stuff. I showed them, though by dying my hair! Time for change – been hearing this so often, lately …”

Anakin S.

Pretty in pink: Anakin S. is having a good time


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