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Roughly about a year ago SFX magazine called for a Joss Whedon Genderbending Art Challenge (the original link is here). I clearly remember the “YAYAAARRRGHNO”-moment since I found out about the contest only a few days before the deadline had to be met.

The task

Take any actor from any Joss Whedon TV series/movie and switch him/her with any actor from any other Joss Whedon TV series/movie you would like to BUT – female actors must be exchanged for male ones and vice versa. So it won’t  be Summer Glau as the new Buffy but maybe Nathan Fillion instead.

A quest of fun

Frantically scribbling away on the train home was the fun part – just photoshopping the head of character A onto the body of character B was out of question and also didn’t fit the ideas I had.

A quest of pain

Then came the hard part. Fran Kranz usually looks like Fran Kranz, but somehow didn’t in my drawings. He had to keep his Topher-clothes on to be recognizable at all. Nicholas Brendon was even worse.

I have sinned with both men’s noses. May the Gods forgive me.

Quest completed, dragon dead

Now there is one comic strip with one cheerful Joss Whedon TV series character in the clothes of another cheerful one, plus 2 chars who are definitely my favourite Whedonesque couple and – Jayne. I like Jayne. Especially with the hat on. But as much fun and muscles Adam Baldwin brings to the part of Mr Cobb, for gender bending and punchline reasons it had to be … someone else:

And – as a bonus – this is followed by a single picture that combines 3 well known Joss Whedon TV series in one go (if only with one true gender bending case in it):

Food problems

He should have chosen someone without a hat on ...

The entries were sent to the desired e-mail address shortly before the deadline had to be met and – in the hurry – without any explanation at all concerning what was to see in the pictures. Just the subject headline and a short friendly note. Now THAT’S what you call optimistic. And tired.

After there were already “FUN POSSIBLE REASONS FOR THE NO-SHOW OF THIS COMPETITION” comments to be found on the SFX website, the contest results were released in March 2011. Crivens, my entries didn’t make it, but since I stumbled across the pictures while cleaning up my harddrive, I thought I just publish them here.