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Dashing sword fights, zombie beauty tips, cthulhuoid horrors, archery, good food, tempting looking boardgames, disco time, lovely actors/costumes/enslavers, a good cause, sunshine and rain: We had it all!

Back home in (surprisingly sunny and hot) Germany from TitanCon. Now it’s looking to the left again, if you don’t want to get run over by a car. So what was it like in Belfast?


Sadly we missed  the culture part of BELFAST CULTURE NIGHT almost completely. The bus from Dublin Airport to Belfast was late and so were we – didn’t make it until all the readings in McHugh’s Bar had been finished. Nevertheless a wonderful evening thanks to Phil, Sweden and the Guinness Brewery! 😉

P.S. It is just a LITTLE bit unsettling if the first thing you hear when entering the dark hostel that you have booked is a woman’s scream … Yep, horror movie night …