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The dark night of October 8th

Few days ago it was T-shirt time – now we equip ourselves with thick pullovers, socks, scarfs AND gloves to stop by an abandoned building. Fight the powers of an awfully comfy couch and a warm blanket to check out the (already 2nd!!!!!) culture spot less than a 5 minutes walk away from our place.

So, what do you do if you want to stage a party in a building (which hasn’t been used for almost a year now): try to fulfill every condition requested by the administration in time?


Organize catering, decoration, art, DJs, life music acts – with all the necessary equipment (yes, yes, yes, yes and yes) – only (according to KKtF e.V.) to receive a NO from the building owner/administration 1 day before the event is to take place?? (Wow. Thanks a lot to Sprinkenhof AG here, then.)

What you do is: transfer everybody and everything to the outside, into the lovely backyard of the very building you wanted the party to be in the first place! Which is why we danced already for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, only this time we weren’t dancing WITH (@TitanCon) but UNDER the stars …

Imagine a dark, cold and starry night,  imagine a place made homely with individually designed fire barrels, benches and a comfy looking couch in the middle of it, imagine a terrace to the right, illuminated by a blue chain of lights and a small catering tent to the left and then … imagine everything roofed by an incredibly large sycamore tree rising high above you, prettyfied by colourful lights from the ground and sculptures, dangling everywhere from tree branches and the surrounding walls.

Yes, I wish we had brought the mobile photo phone! But we left it at home. Again.

The evening’s highlight is the life gig of Still in Search: They really rock! Who wants to check out what these 2 guys and 1 girl are up to can listen here:

It’s a German website, but you can’t overlook the play button … 🙂 Personally recommended songs: “Tela” and “Diving”.