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Time: a few hours ago
Place: here


It’s holy evening, family all in the church except for atheistic husband and wife who decorate the huge tree wife murdered last weekend.

Presents have been bought, drawn, printed, blow-dried and wrapped. Sticky price tags have been fought with …


X-mas  spirit has now won against the few downsides of pre-X-mas period like

–       post offices turning into battle arenas
–       waiting in a long queue with a guy behind me who suffers
a)     from a heavy cold
b)     from Tourette syndrome and does
c)      murmuring in his best dark psycho voice threats like:”If they don’t hurry up soon, I will …”

Maybe he was a very good actor with a brilliant idea how to get faster to the cash desk by scaring the people in front of him away – but I was so lucky to have been able to buy my stuff and leaving dry without being beaten or killed.


Everyone to his taste, I know. Unfortunately there are still people out there who seem to try to trigger epileptic seizures with their X-mas illumination …


Have relaxing, joyful and tasty holidays you all – with all the good and without the bad! Or the ugly.